Layering vinyl title

Layering HTV

We often see people commenting on our Facebook page about being uncertain in trying to layer Heat Transfer Vinyl, so thought this blog post would be the perfect opportunity to offer some hints and tips and show you just how easy it is to achieve.

First design, cut and weed all the pieces you need, so you have them all ready. Start with the bottom layer first. Now normally you would be applying the heat source for the recommended time (often around 12-15 seconds depending on the instructions supplied with the vinyl) but as we multi layering you need to press all the layers for much for less time, around 3 – 5 seconds is about right depending on what vinyl type you are using.

Layering up the design

As long as the layer is stuck on just enough, leave to cool to the peel conditions suggested for the vinyl you are pressing i.e. hot peel, warm peel, cool peel then peel away the plastic carrier sheet.  Then add your next layer and repeat the same process above. As your layering is not going to fully cover the area of the layer underneath, you need something in place to prevent the heat source from coming into contact with it and melting it, so you need to place a piece of our Silicone paper, grease-proof paper, baking parchment or a Teflon sheet over the bottom layer to prevent this.

Repeat all the above steps for as many layers as you have, remembering to only press for 3-5 seconds on each layer. Once all the layers are in place give the whole design a press for 10-15 seconds to ensure it is all stuck on.  It is a gradual process and don't do any pieces where the plastic carrier sheet will sit onto of another piece of plastic carrier sheet or you will encounter problems peeling the carrier off.

Layering Glitter HTV onto Glitter HTV and Holographic onto Holographic is not overly successful due to the texture of the glitter and would prob peel away after a wash so not going to be worth you wasting your vinyl on doing this.  So only use Glitter and Holographic HTV for the final top layers or use the cropping method which will be covered in the next blog post.



  1. If you are applying more than one layering piece at a time, make sure to trim your carrier sheet as close to the vinyl as possible to prevent overlays. Overlapping HTV and carrier sheet will stick to each other instead of the clothing.
  2. Over pressing HTV leads to it shrinking. Short presses reduce the amount of shrinking from HTV and your garment.
  3. . If you find you are getting ridges on your layering then your designs need to be cropped and this is something we will explain in our next December blog post.

Free Project Download Click Here (will open new page. Right click and choose “Save as”) Please ensure Cut Lines are turned on in Silhouette Studio once you open the file.

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