Beginner guide to vinyl

Beginners Guide to vinyl for Cricut, Silhouette, Scan n Cut and other cutting machines. There is a vinyl for just about every purpose and surface you can think of, but which one is for which purpose? SELF ADHESIVE VINYL is a flexible material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive which can be applied to all kinds of smooth hard [...]

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Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019 has arrived Early! We've slashed 10% off our Cricut Maker and Cameo 4 (no codes needed) We've also created these awesome codes to apply at checkout: If this isn't enough, checkout our Black Friday MEGA Bundles here!  

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Oracal 651

We are excited to announce the recent addition of Oracal 651 vinyl.   Oracal 651 is a high-performance grade vinyl and is renowned for having a super adhesive backing and comes in a range of 58 glossy colours.   Plotting systems love this vinyl thanks to the special PVC film surface making it simple to [...]

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Coming soon to an ironing board near you

We are proud to introduce on the 27/11/18 GM Turbo, another addition to our eco-friendly range of HTVs.   Save time and money with a 3 second press time – you can finish your designs in a fraction of the time. GM Turbo has a unique adhesive which can be applied using a domestic iron at [...]

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No more uneven designs

Gridded Transfer Tape making wonky vinyl a thing of the past.  Are you fed up with never getting your wording on straight, messing up and having to start all over again?  Well our Gridded Tape is your angel in disguise. The tape has a printed grid pattern on it, which makes getting things on straight [...]

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How to make a cake topper

Creating Glitter Card Cake Toppers   Firstly design your cake topper. The wording needs to be joined together by ungrouping and welding your text, so that it cuts as one design. Cut one piece of your design as you see it the right way of reading it and cut the same piece but mirrored so [...]

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Stencilling with Paint Masking Vinyl

Using GM Crafts Self Adhesive Paint Masking / Stencil If you have been using normal self adhesive vinyl for your stencils, you may have found the etching cream or paint has seeped under the outlines. This is because that type of vinyl needs 24 hours to fully cure to prevent this happening, but the effect [...]

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Iron on HTV (Heat transfer vinyl)

Iron on HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) Successfully. All of our HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) ranges are iron on friendly.   Click here for our iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl.   The most common questions we come across is what is the best method for hassle free adhesion.   We’ve compiled the steps below to help [...]

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Meet the Design Team

Meet The Design Team We thought it would be nice for the first blog of 2018 for you to meet our talented Design Team for 2018. Tina Fallon - Team Leader Hi, I am a craftaholic who has been in the craft industry for more years than I care to remember lol. From humble beginnings [...]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone Christmas is just about upon us, November came and went far too quickly for many of us. Work's dinners are probably finished with for this year, and we hope you survived them without too many side effects. We will have a post over the Christmas period on our Facebook page, so you [...]

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How to crop glitter for layered effect

Cropping Glitter Prevent overlap ridges and ideal for Glitter 'layering effect' To prevent ridges appearing on vinyls where they overlap, it is best to try and crop your designs using your machines design software, to remove the piece that is going underneath the above layer. It is not possible to layer Glitter vinyl onto Glitter [...]

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How to Layer HTV

Layering HTV We often see people commenting on our Facebook page about being uncertain in trying to layer Heat Transfer Vinyl, so thought this blog post would be the perfect opportunity to offer some hints and tips and show you just how easy it is to achieve. First design, cut and weed all the pieces [...]

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