GM Crafts FREE Remembrance Cut Files For All Cutting Machines and Tutorial



Welcome to another tutorial blog! We hope this file sparks some great creative ideas for you! This file can be used in a variety of ways, cut out of plain Self adhesive as the below tutorial shows, or even Stained glass vinyl, add them to jars, lanterns, windows even shower screens! Try it with our Prime, matt or gloss Self adhesive should you want a more solid colour, or stained glass if you’d rather it semi transparent, even add it to a frame with lights behind.

Why not use HTV and create a T-shirt or Canvas instead? Add them to cards with HTV or self adhesive.

We would love to see what you make!  Have you found our  You Tube channel yet? The video showing this and all of our other tutorials are  available on there, as well as exclusive demos, inspiration and more!  Join us on Facebook , Instagram or Tiktok or  send us an email to [email protected] we would love to hear from you!


What you’ll need:

  • Silhouette Cameo 4. Available Here 
  • Or Cricut maker . Available Here Instructions for the Cricut and Brother machines at the bottom!
  • Black Matt self adhesive Vinyl. Available here.
  • Poppy self adhesive Vinyl. Available here.
  • Transfer tape.  Available here.
  • LED weeding pad. Available here.
  • Squeegee.  Available here.
  • Weeding tweezers  Available here.
  • Scissors.
  • Glass lantern here
  • Rubbing alcohol and lint free cloth here
  • Cut files, links to create with your own image, are free below! Including Silhouette.  Cricut and Brother instructions to follow at the end.

Lest We Forget cut files click here to download for ALL cutting machines

rememberance what you need



1. Before you start, you need to download the cut files,  upload the cut file into Silhouette Studio and resize as necessary,  (when resizing bring all  layers into the design software by using “merge” and select all  at once to get the correct scale you have chosen)

2. Choose the machine you are using to cut, see below, we chose CAMEO 4, Once you have resized the files for your chosen Project copy each layer onto a fresh tab so you have 1 tab for each,  we cut 1 each of the 3 smaller soldier scenes ( we have also provided you with this as one big scene so you can apply to a big window should you choose.)  We have also provided you with the red and Blue layers for the plane’s RAF logo- but due to the size we did not cut it for this project. We grouped the lest we forget, plane and flowers (after duplicating the flowers) so this cuts as shown on the mat, see below. We cut this grouped design 3 times. CLICK SEND in the top right corner when you are ready.

Remember to test cut if necessary and cut settings are found here along with test cut guidelines for every machine. Again see test cut screen below.

rememberance snip 1 rememberance snip 2 rememberance snip 3 rememberance snip test cut

3. When on the next screen, ensure you DO NOT MIRROR when using Self Adhesive Vinyl.  But make sure you do mirror when cutting HTV. In this “send” window make sure your settings are all set to the successful settings from your test cut and ensure your machine is linked before proceeding to cut. Cut settings: (**please test cut) Load the material into the machine, using your mat.  Before you cut ensure you Apply the settings needed for your chosen Vinyl, we made it with our GM Crafts Matt Vinyl-  The settings we used were Blade 1, Force 8, and Speed 5, see below screen shot. When you are happy with the settings – and when the material is loaded into the machine, press SEND to cut the material.

**A reminder that these settings, including the blade setting, are specific to the materials and machine we’re using, adjustments may be necessary if using different materials and machine**

We always recommend before proceeding, you test cut your materials when first using – so if you have not recently used this product in your machine. Please test cut for your chosen machine found on our Application guide, and also Blog.  Load the Vinyl chosen individually for each layer.

rememberance snip 4 02B2B94B-AA3C-4325-B0DE-16FDBADD23E1_1_201_a DB3D9E66-79D7-4993-A7CD-D0A7EFCB73BE_1_201_a FBCBDEA8-E0F2-4CC0-969D-EC16CBE9C858_1_201_a

4. Switch on your LED pad, Proceed to trim the excess uncut areas away from the Vinyl, before proceeding to weed all the unwanted vinyl.

6F1D1D15-5D1A-4666-97EF-3052EA23FE42_1_201_a 51A240D8-27C3-408C-88B8-B15D66C890FC_1_201_a AFFEEB09-AE7C-4018-9C72-D01C8D2F6AAD_1_201_a 804899C4-65ED-489B-995E-AADCCACF31A6_1_201_a

5. Take your rubbing alcohol and cloth and proceed to clean the Glass, be sure to let it dry completely before proceeding. Be sure to use on your hands and fingers to keep the glass as clean as possible when applying.

99B8B804-215F-4B99-929C-4477093DE842_1_201_a8C6ED768-D42F-42CD-9111-E6DE951EEA6E_1_201_a 7C08618A-3022-4FA3-BA1D-335C4056D234_1_201_a

6. Whilst the glass is drying take the pattern vinyl, cut it ready to place inside the back of the lantern- we put it on the inside of the door as this is the easiest place to apply it and gives a good finished result.

6BE923CD-8B3B-40AF-B4A9-74858517510D_1_201_a 14623165-CC62-48FF-AD82-A9ECAF48AB5E_1_201_a A7F9101D-30FB-4249-9F9D-6A782550D079_1_201_a A27E5F58-5BAD-4454-AC57-473895F13585_1_201_a 2BCE25D7-34A1-45C5-992B-0B8326CE1E3E_1_201_a

7. When applying this large sheet, unpeel the backing on one edge, line it up before rolling the backing paper from behind, allowing you to get it on straight with minimal fuss. Once it is on, working with the Squeegee from the middle out applying firm pressure to smooth out any bubbles and to fully activate any adhesive.

550A1E91-54D2-48B5-B9DB-A4B54DBA1033_1_201_a 462D964F-BCDA-4334-AD52-F264BC857429_1_201_a 5C28F3AF-314E-4397-A5BB-EFC921E85980_1_201_a 0F2070B2-BEE7-49F7-95D0-229B3A80EC27_1_201_a B7056160-E41D-47BB-8266-03F5FF2BBF3A_1_201_a A67599D5-C8FA-44A9-925A-0B92E57DB39B_1_201_a

8. Take some of the Transfer Application tape, lay it on the table Sticky side face up. Place the sheet with the design onto the sticky side, with the design face down onto the sticky side. Rub the back of the vinyl carrier with your squeegee firmly, as shown, then trim with scissors. Peel the carrier sheet back on it’s self as shown below ready to apply. Repeat this for each cut sheet- TIP you can reuse the App Tape a few times.

91AAEE59-C6E5-416A-850D-9964DD78F5E8_1_201_a E7DF4255-9AB8-4B6F-A8FF-10AB0BA97BFF_1_201_a 8F8C8B08-CFEA-49E4-8B8A-36FCBD7C2237_1_201_a D82B5192-3D56-4195-B14F-B0955165D4D4_1_201_a 66B070B4-5664-437D-959D-485AAE145276_1_201_a 076B7032-A4A6-41CB-9CD7-5E7F478A494B_1_201_a 62252CA7-A6B8-4677-9967-58A3A5A6006B_1_201_a D1D158A0-D7AC-4006-8D70-0D544A2173F4_1_201_a 9E7201E6-0500-4458-88B6-546966298139_1_201_a C906C90D-51DD-4B7B-AC19-E515278EEE2C_1_201_a

9. Once you are ready to apply, we always turn the design over so the sticky side faces up to check alignment before we proceed.


10. Again to give ourselves extra wiggle room, place the squeegee under where the design will go, before laying in place with the app tape, as shown below. Once you are happy, roll the top back as shown to remove the Squeegee, before using it from the middle up with firm pressure, to apply the vinyl and squeezing out any bubbles as you go.DFBE8BD7-4CEE-4FAB-A825-44F367778183_1_201_a D7A45A28-3BB4-4A8B-B024-99F017D80197_1_201_a 4F053ED5-53A6-4843-8293-11130AD65DCC_1_201_a 1CE86FCD-45F6-4AAD-A52E-0C71527CFE5A_1_201_a 124A4DE2-B74E-4D4B-B78D-266F65906D79_1_201_a 6D80E15D-9B17-4088-A9AA-064C27F0851B_1_201_a DFA49FF5-3C52-4511-8D19-993866FB44C5_1_201_a

11. Once you are ready, peel the app tape back upon it’s self, again using your Squeegee on any remaining bubbles, or any part that has lifted. We rubbed it along each edge of the frame, tucking under any vinyl that overlapped slightly, creating a neat finish.

81C47729-CF2D-41EB-9866-86A0B76A5A10_1_201_a 9288A761-62E7-4C2E-A25D-6D809E05D71F_1_201_a 4368E025-8C63-4ACA-BB09-2B8E5B05B4CF_1_201_a 1E07BF70-AA9E-4BA9-A550-B66DF13D4621_1_201_a BDCE758F-973F-4325-A79C-6EA90D2B7666_1_201_a E2DEA4C2-5A84-463B-9AF0-EFEF73219AE2_1_201_a 76839802-6473-48D2-B487-C16B505EB0D4_1_201_a

12. Repeat steps 9-11 to apply each part to all 3 sides.

120368FE-00C1-4E0C-9981-0BE39252DF59_1_201_a C8B1C4B6-E526-4749-A512-687491A1D30C_1_201_a C3D6B0EC-7D38-410A-8240-024170A3D8B3_1_201_a 0BBA9EC2-5917-4D4E-B943-72D8632612D9_1_201_a

Don’t forget your finished design can be matched by using any material cut using a cutting file, card, self adhesive vinyl or even HTV. We’d love to see your makes on our social media pages! Or email them in!


Cricut Cut Files

To import these files into the Cricut Design Space:

Click “Upload Image” on the left-hand Design Panel, and navigate to the cut file you want to open. Select ‘Insert image’ and select image type ‘simple’ when prompted. Insert the image onto the canvas and resize to suit your project.

Reminder – Test cut!

Cut settings are found here for  JOY,  AIR2 and ExploreMAKER

Brother Scan and Cut

To import these files into the Brother Canvas Workspace:

After downloading, please log in as usual to your design space account, open a new project mat, then left click on the SVG  icon in the top left bar in canvas, this will then allow you to import your files. Once you left click this icon, a pop up box appears with you to choose where to import file  from, choose to import the file from your downloads list or where you have chosen to save when unzipped.

Reminder – Test cut!

Cut settings are found here