The settings below are for the Cricut Maker.  Please ensure you use a test cut on any new vinyl before using it for the first time, so you may check that the settings below work with your machine. The software allows you to choose a small triangle, please shrink it down to a about 2.5cm size to perform your test cut.  Test the cut.  If it cuts too deep please reduce the pressure. If it doesn't cut enough please increase the pressure and cut again, repeating the process if needed by adjusting in custom settings: instructions at the bottom of this page..  It is okay to change the pressure a few times, as all machines vary slightly due to many variables affecting calibration.

When using these cut settings it is worth bearing in mind the type of vinyl you are using, as some is more suited to fine, intricate detail; please see product descriptions for each vinyl's capability, also the *** next to a particular Vinyl below, which indicates it can not be used to cut very fine details with this machine. If the test cut works well and the design you are using struggles it may be worth adding an offset line to widen it.


Pattern Vinyl—- Cut setting – Matt Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Less

Metallic Vinyl—- Cut setting – Metallic Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Default

Holographic Vinyl—- Cut setting – Metallic Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting- Default

Prime Vinyl—- Cut setting – Premium Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Default

Gloss Vinyl—- Cut setting – Premium Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting- less

Matt  Vinyl—- Cut setting – Premium Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Less

Glitter Vinyl—- Cut setting –  Glitter Vinyl,  Pressure setting- Default

Stained Glass Vinyl—- Cut setting – Premium Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting-Less

Glass Etch Vinyl—- Cut setting –Premium Vinyl   ,  Pressure setting-Less

Fluorescent  Vinyl—- Cut setting –Premium Vinyl   ,  Pressure setting-Default

Blackboard Vinyl—- Cut setting – Glitter Vinyl ,  Pressure setting-Default

Paint mask Vinyl—- Cut setting – Premium Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting- Less

Rose Gold Vinyl—- Cut setting –Metallic Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting- Default

Pastel Vinyl—- Cut setting – Matte Vinyl  ,  Pressure setting-Less

Oracle 651—- Cut setting –Premium Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Default


Glitter A4 card—- Cut setting – Heavy card stock ,  Pressure setting- Default

GMS A4 Craft card —- Cut setting –Heavy card stock  ,  Pressure setting-Default




Kraft Paper Cut setting – Washi ,  Pressure setting- Less

All printable paper and Filmic sheets Cut setting – Washi ,  Pressure setting- Default




Pattern Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less

Eco press Vinyl—- Cut setting –  ,  Pressure setting-

Eco press Vented—- Cut setting –  ,  Pressure setting-

GM Bubble up Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   More

Chameleon Vinyl —- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less

GM Glitter  Vinyl—- Cut setting – Glitter Iron on,  Pressure setting-   More

GM Glitter Vented—- Cut setting – Glitter Iron on ,  Pressure setting-  More

GM Chrome Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less

GM Light Active—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Default

GM Reflective—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-  Default

GM Glow in the dark—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   More

GM Heat Active Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting- Default

GM Brushed Vinyl—- Cut setting – Glitter Iron on ,  Pressure setting-  Default

Pastel  matt Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less

Pastel  glitter Vinyl—- Cut setting –Glitter Iron on ,  Pressure setting-  More

GM Turbo Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less

GM Stretch Vinyl—- Cut setting –  ,  Pressure setting-

Premium On the computer—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Default

Holographic Vinyl—- Cut setting – Holographic Heat Transfer,  Pressure setting-  Default

Flock Vinyl—- Cut setting – Flock Iron on ,  Pressure setting-  More

Metallic Stretch Vinyl—- Cut setting – Everyday Iron on ,  Pressure setting-   Less



***DARK—- Cut setting – Washi  Pressure setting-  Less ***

***LIGHT—- Cut setting – Washi  ,  Pressure setting- Less ***



Using a Custom material setting

  1. Sign in to Design Space and create/open a project.
  2. Ensure that your Cricut Maker  machine is powered on and connected to your computer.
  3. Proceed to the Project Preview screen.
  4. Select Browse All Materials.
  5. Scroll to browse the list, use the All Categories drop-down, or search for a material by name. Materials with the Cricut logo next to them are Cricut brand materials.Browse_materials_list_2.PNG


Creating a new custom material

If your material is not listed in the Custom materials list, you can try the closest matching settings or create your own! Follow the steps below to create a new material setting.

Note: You cannot add new Custom materials on the Cricut Design Space app for Android at this time. However, any new materials added from the iOS app or Windows/Mac computer will be accessible on the Android app.

  1. Gain access to the Custom Materials screen. You can do this by going to Menu (☰) and selecting Manage Custom Materials, or by selecting Material Settings at the bottom of the page when browsing materials for your project.Browse_materials_list_3a.PNG
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Add New Material.
  3. Specify the name of the material and select Save.
  4. Once the material is saved, you can adjust:
    • Cut Pressure (adjust the slider or use the +/- buttons)
    • Multi-cut (this directs the machine to cut multiple times over the same image and is recommended for thicker materials)
    • Blade Type (select from Premium Fine-Point Blade or Deep-Point Blade so that Design Space can prompt you accordingly)
  5. Once configured, select Save to save your new custom material.
  6. Select the X in the top-right to close the materials screen. Your new material is now available in the list of materials and can be found using Search.

Tip: You can also select the star to add the material to your favorites.


Editing or Deleting Custom Materials

To edit or delete a custom material, open the Menu (☰) and select Manage Custom Materials. Scroll to the material, select the Edit button, then make the needed edits or select Delete.


Tips for creating custom settings

  • When creating a new custom material setting, refer to the settings for the material which most closely matches yours to get an idea of the pressure and possible multi-cut setting needed for a successful experience
  • Thicker or denser materials may not always require more pressure, but may require a multi-cut in order to cut through completely
  • You may have to perform several tests and adjust pressure or multi-cut settings to achieve the desired result
  • The maximum thickness of your custom material should be less than 2.0 mm for Cricut Explore, and less than 2.4 mm for Cricut Maker
  • Non-rigid materials may be thicker (such as craft foam and leathers) but will be compacted when fed under the roller bars, and will be imprinted by the rubber rings on the roller bars that help to feed the mat through the machine.

Tip: To learn more about the materials and recommended cut settings for Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore, please visit this Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker Material Settings article.

Important: While Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines can cut a wide variety of materials, Cricut does not guarantee that they will be able to cut all materials.