Penny Slider 3D Easter Card and HTV Pattern Vinyl Gift bag 2 tutorials in one.

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Hi! Great to see you!

Easter is almost here, and our Easter Mystery Boxes are so popular we thought we would bring you some more tutorials with ideas on what to do with them! Plus demonstrate how the same files can be used in your paper crafts projects too!

The upcoming holidays not only mean some lovely food, and of course chocolate, but time off with the children, so we thought you may like a fun project to do with them, or even create Easter party decorations, or an egg hunt with. These files can be used with your HTV , Self adhesive, and even card, Sublimation, or embroidery. Play with the sizing to create even more possibilities.

Both samples for this blog are shown in the videos below, so we have also given you 2 shopping lists so you can make the HTV or the Paper-crafts version, and have also offered you tips along the way. Any of our vinyl can be used, with any of our cutting machines, and instructions for all of them are below, Silhouette and Brother are at the end too.

We would love to see what you make!  Have you found our  You Tube channel yet? The video showing this and all of our other tutorials are  available on there, as well as exclusive demos, inspiration and more!  Join us on Facebook , Instagram or Tiktok or  send us an email to [email protected] we would love to hear from you!

As always you are free to use our files to make, create, and even make items to sell, all we ask is you don’t pass the files on, instead if you wish to share them, please ask your friend or acquaintance, to download them from our website themselves from within this blog. No reselling or passing on, of any part of the cut file is permitted, and no using the cut files to create other files to sell or pass on is allowed. But do enjoy them, and we hope your makes earn you a little with them too.

Watch the Slider card being made in this video below-

Watch this cut file being made with HTV in this video below

What you’ll need for both projects:

  • Cricut maker . Available Here
  • Cutting Mat. Available Here
  • Or Silhouette Cameo 4. Available Here  (Instructions for the cameo and Brother machines at the bottom!)
  • LED weeding pad. Available Here
  • Squeegee.  Available Here
  • GM Vinyl Scrap Collector. Available Here
  • Weeding tweezers . Or Weeding hook. Available Here
  • Scissors from the tool kit. Available Here.
  • Cut files Download link below, for all machines, Silhouette and Brother instructions are at the bottom of the page


  • A4 Pastel card pack we used Yellow. Available Here
  • A4 Mirror card pack we used Green. Available Here
  • Transfer Adhesive. Available Here.
  • Metallic Self adhesive Vinyl, Available Here.
  • App Tape found by clicking here
  • 3 foam self adhesive pads and sticky gems from your own stash.
  • 4 1 pence pieces- or if you do not have any cut 6 2cm sized card circles and layer together instead.


  • Pattern HTV. We used the Pink Easter found by clicking here
  • Tote bag, T-shirt or bunny etc of your choice.
  • Silicone Paper, this is like the baking paper you can buy in the supermarket on a roll for the kitchen- DO NOT USE TEFLON
  • Cricut Easypress and Easypress Mat Here



what you need easter penny slider card 22what you need pink bunny bag



1. Before you start you will need to download the cut files for your chosen machine, link above. Unzip the file to use it by right clicking it in your downloads.

2. Upload the SVG into the design space. Click “Upload Image” on the left-hand Design Panel, and navigate to the  files you want to open. Select ‘Insert image’ and select cut images. Click save. When it has been uploaded, Insert the images onto the canvas and resize to suit your project, I then right click and ungroup, before I delete any parts I don’t want, Recolour each one differently, so I can cut the different Card, Vinyl etc for each layer, which means I don’t have to keep returning to the design page, see below.

Weld any parts that you wish to keep in place- I welded the yellow egg and frame as they needed to be cut together. See below.

Please see below we have resized this to fit on an A5 card front.  I have deleted the full card and the first layer as we are going to fold an A4 card to make the A5 blank, and therefore do not need the extra layer- or the largest cut file in black- as this was your card blank that you would cut, then fold in half. When you are ready click make it to move on to the next screen. On the next screen, If using the Cricut Maker 3 then you will need to choose to cut on the mat (unless using smart media) Click done, and then continue on the next screen.


3. Click continue in the bottom right on the next screen. In the next window make sure your settings are all set to the successful settings from your test cut and ensure your machine is linked before proceeding to cut. Cut settings: (**please test cut) Press the flashing Cricut symbol on your maker to cut, after loading the sheet into the machine. Apply the settings needed for your chosen Card or Vinyl, we made it with our GM card on the maker 3, and used the Heavy Card stock setting on the Cricut maker 3 with More pressure. When cutting the Metallic Self adhesive please use Holographic Sparkle Vinyl- with Default pressure.

**A reminder that these settings, including the blade setting, are specific to the materials and machine we’re using, adjustments may be necessary if using different materials and machine**

We always recommend before proceeding, you test cut your materials when first using so if you have not recently used this product in your machine. Please test cut for your chosen machine found on our Application guide, and also Blog.  Load the Vinyl chosen individually for each layer.





4. Place the Card for the first layer you are cutting on the mat. Press the up arrow to load the mat, and press the flashing light to proceed to cut on the machine. When cut remove the mat from the machine, and flex the mat away from the back of the card to allow easier removal. Repeat this step for all the Card layers.

CDBCE367-13D5-4215-8838-ED8364CCF86F_1_201_a.jpeg 565C2969-7559-4368-96E0-6F0B801F3BB2_1_201_a.jpeg 92C123FC-3D58-4B74-990C-CAD7F98BB42F_1_201_a.jpeg 92C123FC-3D58-4B74-990C-CAD7F98BB42F_1_201_a.jpeg C025CF6D-4216-4ADA-8E0D-5057B0A9DC9A_1_201_a.jpeg

5. Place the Vinyl for the Happy Easter layer you are cutting on the mat. Press the up arrow to load the mat, and press the flashing light to proceed to cut on the machine. Once cut remove the mat from the machine by pressing the down arrow, flexing the mat away from the vinyl, peel the sheet away from the mat in the opposite direction, before trimming the uncut part away, saving for another project, as below.

853A9B82-A185-49DB-AAEE-3876176DB55F_1_201_a.jpeg 29FFD332-9656-4835-A574-A32911676C5F_1_201_a.jpeg A68442A7-4253-4BE3-A09C-1D295964860E_1_201_a.jpeg CFD0BDE6-19E7-464F-9761-4DB495526554_1_201_a.jpeg 127BC2FB-87D5-4BEA-BC34-29B34F1D7AA3_1_201_a.jpeg

6.  Once cut remove from the mat to prepare to weed, switch your LED pad on ready to take the excess waste vinyl away (weeding). Proceed to trim the excess uncut areas away from the Self Adhesive vinyl as mentioned above, before proceeding to weed all the unwanted vinyl surrounding material.

127BC2FB-87D5-4BEA-BC34-29B34F1D7AA3_1_201_a.jpeg D65817D8-CC2C-499D-AF5A-A267B35A7D69_1_201_a.jpeg 821180EA-CD5D-4FD4-A4D3-97441BD2DEF0_1_201_a.jpeg

7. Take the Transfer Application tape, lay it over the weeded Vinyl, Smooth and turn over. Rub the back of the vinyl carrier with your squeegee as shown, then trim with scissors if needed .

4D955B6A-FB87-45F2-90FB-9D44EC1CAD49_1_201_a.jpeg3284BC90-A6E5-4E01-AB77-7C4507509217_1_201_a B4258F8D-E2A1-4187-A83D-63B11CCFE888_1_201_a 6CEFC7BE-D0F7-43D5-9BB1-BE84DFDD37EE_1_201_a 12FEA77F-DC9A-425D-9ED0-8746CED93314_1_201_a.jpeg

8. Once you have cut all your layers, take the Vinyl piece you’ve cut and weeded, and the cut white card layer, place the white card on your table, then place the vinyl in position on the card, with the sticky side face up first, to allow you to be sure of the alignment before turning over to apply.

12FEA77F-DC9A-425D-9ED0-8746CED93314_1_201_a.jpeg B0F73D08-AC5E-4C05-B46A-D3064F98510E_1_201_a.jpeg

9. Rub with the squeegee from the middle out to remove any air bubbles, before gently rolling the application tape back upon itself to remove from the card leaving the vinyl in place.

36F573C7-8063-414D-8EB7-458182A5B382_1_201_a.jpeg D74642F6-0C82-44A3-B083-8ABFB09E3C01_1_201_a.jpeg

10. Now take your 4 1p pieces- or if you don’t have any pennies, use 6 2cm round cuts of card waste instead. Take some thin 3D foam sticky pads. Stick one on a penny, and stick another to it, Repeat with the other 2 pennies so you have 2 sets doubled together- or if using card- stick 3 layers together so you have 2 stacks stuck together.

4D955B6A-FB87-45F2-90FB-9D44EC1CAD49_1_201_a.jpeg AD860551-ECBF-414A-A992-965D003FC88A_1_201_a.jpeg 0C190CC6-DCC1-4461-A8BB-57ACB9964DA6_1_201_a.jpeg B044C1E4-951F-440C-9E32-77BDE2A54B88_1_201_a.jpeg CC5687B0D284_1_201_a.jpeg

11. Now take more 3d sticky foam pads. Or the foam on a roll, and layer it on each corner of the card top frame, be sure to allow the coin enough space to run around the inside edge. When layering foam make sure it is thicker than the coin to allow the mechanism to move freely at the end. Put a strip down the middle of the egg inside again allowing room for the coin.

808D321C-1F3E-44CF-8D19-BC045489EA40_1_201_a.jpeg CE648F03-4292-43C2-B572-7CC0CCDAF366_1_201_a.jpeg D19EBDD4-C38B-486B-A53F-196C32F0696C_1_201_a.jpeg 3C6992E1-6F60-4BE9-9C53-9484A35D5108_1_201_a.jpeg A07C0FF0-0300-4B4A-84F8-8DC6112B7674_1_201_a.jpeg 98C9C457-0FD2-45BE-895B-35C9DA3D3476_1_201_a.jpeg

12. Place the frame centrally on the Green card, place 1 stack of coins inside along the edge of the frame, before sticking the middle egg layer in place, leave an equally spaced border- with the coin showing underneath.

40C74715-CD8F-4BA2-9BF9-9D73CE9C3F9C_1_201_a.jpeg 40C74715-CD8F-4BA2-9BF9-9D73CE9C3F9C_1_201_a.jpeg

13. Trim a 3d foam pad or 2 very thinly, before using it to stick through the hole, and then pop the other coin stack on it on the outside of the card as shown below. When tilted this should now spin freely around the middle egg track.

D04CC6AA-8B76-446C-8025-3D5DCA06529A_1_201_a 6F75951B-1FAE-487B-AAFF-0D214A7300B6_1_201_a.jpeg 7592EEEC-73C4-443B-836B-D4751794B5D1_1_201_a.jpeg 35313817-93AF-4769-B44C-3C599165B580_1_201_a.jpeg E2D020E6-835C-4B43-874F-1A406A05C29D_1_201_a.jpeg 6413B5AC-FE97-4ADC-BEEE-7550E099A631_1_201_a.jpeg

14. Take another few 3d pads and stick them to the top coin, before using them to stick your Green egg cut out to, as shown below.

EABEE2F8-8CD3-4501-9D3D-71B3BDC5A46E_1_201_a.jpeg D8227647-9BF4-4B93-A947-75BFA600678E_1_201_a.jpeg 2866F974-ED26-46C4-AC43-951139EA4235_1_201_a.jpeg

15. Fold another fresh sheet of the pastel Yellow card, completely in half before burnishing with your squeegee to form your A5 card blank base.

0BC95256-00CD-4A6D-8CC0-EEF63EB646A7_1_201_a.jpeg B58F9138-22E1-44BC-8934-403E28272ECE_1_201_a.jpeg 12437310-93A8-4DF7-A6BE-D54076ED772E_1_201_a.jpeg EB890AC9-53F0-4346-9096-28B8EB977CB9_1_201_a.jpeg

16. Next take your pack (or roll) of Transfer adhesive, fold it back on its self to reveal the adhesive layer underneath as shown below and place the card topper plain back side, onto the sticky yellow side of the sheet. See below. You can place the white sheet back over, flip and rub with your Squeegee, should you wish.

5751C9F2-62DB-4577-B8B3-0BDA307793C6_1_201_a.jpeg47675EF8-155A-44DE-92C4-2AFA0CAD8334_1_201_a 672268ED-D8D9-45C5-AC5F-E35F29A0FD79_1_201_a DCD6722D-4603-4668-AE48-E560AC175DC6_1_201_a.jpeg 4A31E1B2-DA2E-45EE-B640-E972425DC63F_1_201_a.jpeg 6B39FD58-7074-4B39-BDB3-1D7C9C4E273B_1_201_a.jpeg

17. Peel the yellow backing, leaving the adhesive behind on the card, ready to layer this onto the Yellow A5 blank as shown below.

D07280D8-13D8-4E49-AAA0-8E437AE22DC6_1_201_a.jpeg ADC5E273-7ABE-4370-AECC-61BF6718F5D8_1_201_a.jpeg E982397E-3396-4D74-989C-AAB0A6D6D5CC_1_201_a.jpeg 9BA96533-84AB-43E2-9D19-B8022FC112E3_1_201_a.jpeg

18. Finish with sticky gems of your choice on each corner in green should you wish.

011FF37A-6AD2-4B10-821E-CDF2D0758C81_1_201_a 567A9312-B247-4D77-BD22-3F866C64FAF1_1_201_a

See below for the full HTV tutorial. Don’t forget your finished design can be matched by using any material cut using a cutting file, card, self adhesive vinyl or even HTV. We’d love to see your makes on our social media pages! Or email them in!

HTV Tutorial Instructions

A- Follow step 1 from above, ensuring to only keep the happy Easter cut file, measure your blank and resize accordingly. Then click make it to move on to the next screen. On the next screen, If using the Cricut Maker 3 then you will need to choose to cut on the mat (unless using smart media) 

B. Next you need to set your settings on the next Cricut cut screen,  load your mat with material on. We used the  Cut setting – Everyday iron on—- ,  Pressure setting-Less. For the Pattern vinyl. Please remember to test cut if you have not used this vinyl on your machine. Again proceed to make it. Remember to place your vinyl on the mat as shown rub with the squeegee to ensure it sticks to the mat, before you press the Cricut symbol or triangle button on the machine to cut.

**A reminder that these settings, including the blade setting, are specific to the materials and machine we’re using, adjustments may be necessary if using different materials and machine**

We always recommend before proceeding, you test cut your materials when first using so if you have not recently cut our Vinyl please test cut for your chosen machine found on our Application guide, and also Blog.  Load the Vinyl chosen individually for each layer.


0F1F5C1F-35E9-4B0A-BC3C-2E97752FD34B_1_201_a.jpeg 1C1DC9FA-D74B-42E0-A3AB-9B22424A9C32_1_201_a.jpeg A7E6CA27-7124-46DA-B973-9D7B5A9A0059_1_201_a.jpeg 1ED1B7FA-C852-46E7-8C6A-9F313B76D3AF_1_201_a.jpeg

C. Press the down arrow on the machine when it has finished cutting to eject the mat, Flex your mat away from the vinyl when removing to make this easier. Switch on your LED pad, take the tweezers and weed the excess unwanted vinyl away, I use the purple flower weeding waste holder to keep my desk tidy.

0217F19D-911F-4365-B2B6-F0661C87329D_1_201_a 2AD4FC71-8C51-48D9-800E-A96BEFBC20C5_1_201_a.jpeg A48ECD59-C368-43D6-AEF3-D8C70CFC730B_1_201_a.jpeg 403DA537-6C9E-4C9B-A9E3-035FD58F1196_1_201_a.jpeg 8E444FF2-39B0-4C65-9E0C-E64E838E7CE2_1_201_a.jpeg DFEB3945-3318-4CCE-8B05-6B684853E1D0_1_201_a.jpeg

D. Grab your chosen blank to apply, you could use a variety of options, including a baby grow. Take the milky sheet of transfer paper that came with the pattern vinyl, peel the backing off, apply the transfer application sheet provided to the front of your design, rub with your squeegee from behind when turning over before carefully peeling the backing.

D1F53CF9-1B04-49EA-A668-CD499894DEFF_1_201_a.jpeg 3439A24D-997D-47DB-8074-E09E42EB6AA7_1_201_a.jpeg BFA54696-B73C-4CD7-93FB-C928D24C13FB_1_201_a.jpeg E9379CE8-B70A-4FA6-A0AC-D3D56FB52DED_1_201_a.jpeg F3FFC8BB-FF4E-46B1-BADE-B5EB84B5A29F_1_201_a.jpeg 80C9C64F-BE4C-42E0-90E4-03B1D5BBB516_1_201_a.jpeg 12220204-417E-4395-8094-74A2152ACE2D_1_201_a.jpeg

E. Switch your Easy press on, and set the temperature to 160’c and the timer to 15 seconds, please refer to our  Application guide,  Preheat the Bag, cushion cover, t-shirt or other garment you have chosen, once the press is ready for 10 seconds to remove any moisture.

EEEF34A7-43DB-427F-9203-EB336D686670_1_201_a.jpeg D1659473-7965-43A9-898A-2CD6AC1AD52A_1_201_a.jpeg

F. Lay the design already on the transfer tape in the correct place on your chosen item, facing up, and ensure it is on a hard surface, or Cricut Easy press matt and on a hard surface,  check our guide here for more information on applying and using HTV successfully. Applying firm pressure so that your arms are locked and pressing hard into the garment, apply the press to the design for 15 seconds covering each area once only to not over heat the vinyl. Leave it to cool a few seconds before removing the carrier sheet.

C903563C-2761-4131-BF85-44EED54B4863_1_201_a.jpeg 15838DD1-0521-45FB-BA1C-5C9E493CC3B2_1_201_a.jpeg

If you wish to see how to apply this to the bunny please watch our Facebook live from last week, Click here to be redirected to it.


Silhouette Cut File


Before you start, you need to download the cut file,  Upload the cut file into Silhouette Studio, click the file and choose release compound path to separate each layer, and resize or regroup as necessary,  (when resizing bring all  layers into the design software and select all  at once to get the correct offset layers and save the adjusted file, so you can cut layers individually at that correct scale you have chosen) Remember to test cut if necessary and cut settings are found here along with test cut guidelines for every machine.

Brother Cut File

To import these files into the Brother Canvas Workspace:

After downloading, please log in as usual to your design space account, open a new project mat, then left click on the SVG  icon in the top left bar in canvas, this will then allow you to import your files. Once you left click this icon, a pop up box appears with you to choose where to import file  from, choose to import the file from your downloads list or where you have chosen to save when unzipped.

Cut settings are found here

Just in case you need the link CanvasWorkspace (