GM Crafts World Book Day Free Cut Files For All Machines Tutorial layering HTV with Transfers.



Welcome to a new blog, and free cut file!. Now we are into the first week of March, we are thinking about the next few occasions that are coming up, of course first we have World Book Day, so to help you celebrate this, we have created this weeks Free files, and tutorial, however this would also be very good for any occasion for any book lover, and we thought, Mothers day and Fathers day too. We have concentrated on the Kids theme for this blog, but also have provided a more adult theme idea too, and there are a number of cut files in the download to allow you to make either option, or both of course! And it goes without saying- you could add your own phrase, use a different vinyl, put it on a T-shirt, make it out of self adhesive and decorate your home with it, even cut it from card, the choice is yours.

Both the samples for this blog were made using vinyl from our very popular HTV Easter Mystery Boxes, Click here to find them. Over the coming weeks, we have some fabulous Mothers day and Easter designs coming for you, again using the contents of the Easter boxes, available in self adhesive, HTV and also a mixed box, so do keep your eyes peeled. (Vinyl’s will also be available separately too)

As always you are free to use our files to make, create, and even make items to sell, all we ask is you don’t pass the files on, instead if you wish to share them, please ask your friend or acquaintance, to download them from our website themselves from within this blog. No reselling or passing on, of any part of the cut file is permitted, and no using the cut files to create other files to sell or pass on is allowed. But do enjoy them, and we hope your makes earn you a little with them too.

We would love to see what you make!  Have you found our youtube channel yet? The video showing this and all of our other tutorials are  available on there, as well as exclusive demos, inspiration and more!  Join us on Facebook , Instagram or Tiktok or  send us an email to [email protected] we would love to hear from you!

What you’ll need:

  • Cricut maker . Available Here
  • Or Silhouette Cameo 4. Available Here  (Instructions for the cameo and Brother machines at the bottom!)
  • Cricut Easypress and Easypress Mat Here
  • Both the samples in this blog were made using our Easter Mystery HTV box Available here
  • or buy the vinyl separately below
  • GM Pattern Fairytale HTV Vinyl Available  Here
  • GM Chrome HTV Vinyl Available Here
  • GM Iron on Weeded transfers Available Here
  • We chose a mixed pack found here
  • LED weeding pad. Available Here
  • Squeegee.  Available Here
  • Weeding tweezers . Or Weeding hook. Available Here
  • Scissors.
  • Tote bag etc of your choice.
  • Silicone Paper, this is like the baking paper you can buy in the supermarket on a roll for the kitchen- DO NOT USE TEFLON
  • Cut files Download link below, for all machines, Silhouette and Brother instructions are at the bottom of the page.
  • The uminous smaller bag design shown at the top and bottom of the page was made using the Bubble up 3D HTV found here

WORLD BOOK DAY 22 CUT FILES Click here to download

what you need fairytale feb 22


1. Before you start you will need to download the cut files for your chosen machine, link above. Unzip the file to use it by right clicking it in your downloads.

2. Upload each PNG into the design space. Click “Upload Image”   on the left-hand Design Panel, and navigate to the  files you want to open. Select ‘Insert image’ and select image type ‘simple’ when prompted. Next you’ll be asked to delete any space that does not get cut, you can skip this part by pressing ‘continue’. When asked if they’re print-then-cut images or just cut images, select cut images. Click save. When it has been uploaded, Insert the images onto the canvas and resize to suit your project, I Recolour each one differently, so I can cut the different Vinyl for each layer, which means I don’t have to keep returning to the design page, see below, then click make it to move on to the next screen. On the next screen, If using the Cricut Maker 3 then you will need to choose to cut on the mat (unless using smart media) PLEASE BE AWARE WE HAVE PROVIDED YOU WITH 2 CUT FILES TO CHOOSE FROM. The book outer and a knockout version too. Mix and match these to suit your own ideas.

world book day feb 22 st file set.JPG2 world book day feb 22 st file set MAKE IT WORLD BOOK DAY 22MAKE IT WORLD BOOK DAY 22.JPG2

3. When on the next screen above, ensure you MIRROR the wording. DO NOT MIRROR THE IMAGE FOR WHEN USING PATTERN HTV. Click continue in the bottom right on the next screen. In the next window make sure your settings are all set to the successful settings from your test cut and ensure your machine is linked before proceeding to cut. Cut settings: (**please test cut) Press the flashing Cricut symbol on your maker to cut, after loading the sheet into the machine. Apply the settings needed for your chosen Vinyl, we made it with our GM PATTERN HTV on the maker 3, and used the Everyday Iron on setting on the Cricut maker 3 with DEFAULT pressure. PLEASE THEN USE MORE PRESSRE FOR THE CHROME

**A reminder that these settings, including the blade setting, are specific to the materials and machine we’re using, adjustments may be necessary if using different materials and machine**

We always recommend before proceeding, you test cut your materials when first using so if you have not recently used this product in your machine. Please test cut for your chosen machine found on our Application guide, and also Blog.  Load the Vinyl chosen individually for each layer.

MAKE IT WORLD BOOK DAY 22.JPG2.JPG3 4. Place the Vinyl for the First layer you are cutting on the mat, remember to mirror the wording BUT NOT WHEN USING PATTERN HTV. Press the up arrow to load the mat, and press the flashing light to proceed to cut on the machine. Once cut repeat to cut with the remaining layer.

BC8707A4-CF0D-45A2-8BC8-8E3F0FA38EDD_1_201_a 35FE025D-841E-4314-8FFD-0996E3BB717B_1_201_a 2980F7C3-8223-4582-A600-B99BF1310185_1_201_a A367372E-F5A5-4626-ABF0-8ED888B8C411_1_201_a D2A359B0-E84A-49E3-9AAF-F1E027D263B0_1_201_a 3EF12ED9-C07B-4080-99A9-60BF14513790_1_201_a 68CE842F-FA9C-4BD9-9B6E-A500D76B30A8_1_201_a


7752454F-606C-4B5C-9FD4-F6089FC90797_1_201_a 56C97CB7-F625-4E5F-82BB-8DEB8F86FE19_1_201_a E7AFEAEB-1625-414D-B3EF-EDB62AA2591A_1_201_a 1B44A755-0971-4389-8356-D44A4B4860DE_1_201_a

5. Once both are cut, switch on your LED pad and remove the waste Vinyl surrounding the designs (weeding) we use a pair of weeding tweezers to do this as shown below.

9E6D2BB2-D14A-41D2-B789-0C4A344B32C2_1_201_a C4868FC8-7FA0-49D6-8642-51E23E07FD1F_1_201_a 208107DF-4EAC-4481-976A-B00DADF23F6E_1_201_a E8B0B524-8C09-4EA7-A257-DDDE0C1D9ED5_1_201_a

6. Take the Clear milky roll of transfer tape included with the GM Pattern Vinyl, remove the milky protective sheet and place the sticky side onto the weeded side of your design, this is stuck to the front of your design after weeding. Smooth out with your squeegee,  rub with the squeegee on the reverse of the vinyl to ensure it transfers easily, then remove the carrier sheet that was originally on the back of the Vinyl, trim excess away if needed as shown below.

4CAFCDA7-9392-4947-A001-DF0B2069248D_1_201_a 3E1E9D2B-524F-42B5-945C-B5E0FFD77750_1_201_a 25920C9F-B0DE-4C0B-A761-EA0364D4F2E8_1_201_a 19BF268B-F0C0-4F9C-AB81-33042FAF3498_1_201_a 3708A139-EE46-4CA9-96C5-779DB79D1A24_1_201_a 3981511B-A6DC-4634-A7A7-E789A5E43492_1_201_a 310A441E-BAC6-44F7-9D89-664CDFE6EDE0_1_201_a

7. Switch your Easy press on, and set the temperature to 160’c and the timer to 10 seconds, (Please note settings for this when pressing a single layer only are Pressing Temperature: 160°C Pressing Time: 15 seconds for Pattern Vinyl and Transfers, and 150°C for 8 seconds for the Chrome) For other Vinyl please refer to our  Application guide, When Layering it is important to reduce the layering times so not to over heat the vinyl.

FB560352-45D8-44B3-80A0-B426601F0A2D_1_201_a 7A59696C-0232-4A64-AD8C-FAC9C00F42E3_1_201_a

8. Place the easy press mat under the Hoodie, Bag, T-shirt or whatever you are applying it to, and preheat as shown above once the press is ready for 10 seconds to remove any moisture. Lay the design already on the transfer tape in the correct place facing up, and ensure it is on a hard surface, or Cricut Easy press mat and on a hard surface,  check our guide here for more information on applying and using HTV successfully. Press each area once only for – Pattern vinyl 10 seconds 9Chrome 6 seconds after adjusting the heat to 150) firmly using your upper body weight over the press. Because we are Layering, I have not used the full press time, and I will leave the transfer sheet to go cool before removing, if any areas lift once doing this- repress for a few more seconds- please note ensure any collar or seams are off the pressing mat so not to interfere with the pressure needed. See Below. Always press for the full time on the last layer.

872AF7B2-641C-4D50-BA43-ABDBAC1656DC_1_201_a 7315DF51-C93A-423B-B782-C365938ADAF5_1_201_a 116E6AD5-F1FA-48F8-9C5E-D2CD55C8AFD8_1_201_a

9. Now take your ready weeded Iron on Transfers, open the packet and you will find, the transfer sheet or sheets if you have a mixed pack like these, and the application sheets to apply them as shown below. Take your chosen transfers design and using tweezers remove the outer white edge. Take the application sheet as shown below, and remove the protective milky sheet from it, place the sticky sheet side onto the front of your transfers, and smooth out any air, before turning over and rubbing your squeegee on the back to transfer the designs, lastly unpeel the backing to leave them attached to the sheet as shown below, before cutting the sheet so they are now 6 separate designs ready to apply.

CCF162AD-302A-4ACA-A7D6-D9435B92BDAB_1_201_a 6D64B3C5-685A-4A86-90FE-E76253DCEFD9_1_201_a D097D658-1A67-41EB-8BE9-BC82E61F6505_1_201_a 21C8D904-3BC4-436F-9E3B-ECA2267109AC_1_201_a CEB336D4-BA71-47D0-B390-D344DC2E8936_1_201_a.jpeg 1C3EA6FF-E5A8-4766-ADE0-28D487E43D69_1_201_a 5F35E5FA-AB5D-47E7-B463-3BB4B6DE08F7_1_201_a AFBABF2A-7A38-4139-8565-227CEC750BE1_1_201_a 4708CD40-A9E8-4616-94EC-7BACF5E168FD_1_201_a B09198DE-2070-464A-9678-EE4E196D74AB_1_201_a A8104FAF-8957-4D53-BDAA-F5ADD087D149_1_201_a F6429BFC-0EB9-42D5-A6D8-EB2332E82CDF_1_201_a

10. Cover the design with Silicone or baking paper, Applying firm pressure so that your arms are locked and pressing hard into the garment, apply the press to the design for 15 seconds, covering each area once only to not over heat the vinyl. Warm peel the transfer sheet from the finished design. If any areas lift, repress for a few seconds more, being sure to protect the rest of the design.

92A961EE-2EAC-40C7-938A-C20360E13BBC_1_201_a 3383765F-0879-489D-9017-974805CF3700_1_201_a C6ED3935-A227-4CC1-ADC6-F9E285346B09_1_201_a

If after removing the sheet the garment or design is looking a bit untidy then recover with a sheet of baking parchment and quickly repress smoothing over it like an iron would but quickly so not to over heat. Don’t forget your finished design can be matched by using any material cut using a cutting file, card, self adhesive vinyl or even HTV. We’d love to see your makes on our social media pages! Or email them in!


Silhouette Cut File


Before you start, you need to download the font file, follow steps above 1 & 2 to do this, Open Silhouette Studio.  Click the font icon and your new font will now appear in the font menu!   follow the steps above to create the deign including welding. Remember to test cut if necessary and cut settings are found here along with test cut guidelines for every machine.

Brother Cut File

To install the font if you don’t know how to use a different font in Brother’s converter software see here 

Cut settings are found here

Just incase you need the link CanvasWorkspace (