Eclipse Layered Mum and Friend Cards Free Cut Files and Instructions for all Machines


Hello there!

Here’s a quick and easy  tutorial for a Mothers day or Friend Eclipse card. Of course, this design isn’t limited to cards and the top layer with sentiment in it would work on any form of project, including using the front card layer and word as a T-shirt knockout design cutting file with HTV, just adapt the process to the medium you plan to use it on and be sure to check our application guides as appropriate.

Get crafting this fun design for loved ones, friends, and family. You could even do a matching Card, T-shirt and Gift bag with the design to really impress your Mum on Mothers day!, This Tutorial is also suited for the Silhouette Cameo and portrait range, Cricut Air 2 and if resized for the Joy, and also Brother scan n cut, Please see further down for the free files for Silhouette and Brother machines after the tutorial.  Please bare in mind the cut and mat settings will need to be adjusted as appropriate for the machine – see our settings guide here 

We would love to see what you make!  Have you found our  You Tube channel yet? The video showing this and all of our other tutorials are  available on there, as well as exclusive demos, inspiration and more!  Join us on Facebook , Instagram or Tiktok or  send us an email to [email protected] we would love to hear from you!

As always you are free to use our files to make, create, and even make items to sell, all we ask is you don’t pass the files on, instead if you wish to share them, please ask your friend or acquaintance, to download them from our website themselves from within this blog. No reselling or passing on, of any part of the cut file is permitted, and no using the cut files to create other files to sell or pass on is allowed. But do enjoy them, and we hope your makes earn you a little with them too.


What you’ll need:

  • Cricut maker . Available here
  • A4 Mirror card. Available here
  • A4 Glitter Festive tones mixed pack . Available here
  • Self adhesive Application tape here
  • Self adhesive vinyl, we chose Metallic but any will work here
  • Squeegee. Available here
  • Weeding tweezers . Available here
  • Scissors, 3d foam pads and glue from your own stash or application tape. Available here
  • Your choice of Self adhesive Gems should you wish from your stash.
  • Cut files, which are free below! Including, Cricut, Silhouette and Brother cut files.




1. Before you start, you need to download the cut file below.


2. Upload each PNG into the design space as shown below.

3. Insert all the images onto the canvas and resize to suit your project. Save the resized file back to the design space so you can choose each layer in the proportion you have chosen for that project, as shown below.

4. When resized, and you are happy with the size of the design, reposition the layer to be cut, select ‘make it’ in the top right corner of your screen. Click continue in the bottom right on the next screen. In the next window make sure your settings are all set to the successful settings from your test cut and ensure your machine is linked before proceeding to cut.,. Cut settings: (**please test cut) It is worth noting we have included a layer the same size as the folded card front size, to enable you to use a plain white card base and still have the first base layer you see match your design without having to use your metallic card stock for the whole base if you wish. If like us you use the mirror card for your base, please disregard this larger layer when following the instruction.

Glitter card we used Cut setting – Heavy card stock ,  Pressure setting- Default

Mirror Card Cut setting – Heavy card stock ,  Pressure setting- less

4a. When doing the top Eclipse layer the MUM or FRIEND will need to be positioned on the second screen after you press “make it” before you continue.

**A reminder that these settings, including the blade setting, are specific to the materials and machine we’re using, adjustments may be necessary if using different materials and machine**

We always recommend before proceeding, you test cut your materials when first using so if you have not recently cut our Glitter or Mirror  A4 cardstock please test cut for your chosen machine found on our Application guide, and also Blog.


5. Position the A4 card on the cutting mat and apply pressure with the Squeegee to it to make sure it is secure. The Glitter or Holographic side should be face up on the mat Load your Mat using the up arrow on the machine , select cut using the white flashing cricut button on your machine.

6. When cut, unload the mat by pressing the machine’s down arrow, peel the card off the mat, flex the mat away from underneath at the same time to reduce the risk of damaging the delicate cuts in the A4 card. Then, remove any excess material and scrape the mat clean with your squeegee. Once cut, proceed to repeat for the remaining layers you are choosing to use for your design repeating steps 4 and 5.

7. Cut the Vinyl you are using as the sentiment on the mat and cut using the appropriate setting, we used the self adhesive Metallic vinyl so used  Cut setting – Metallic Vinyl ,  Pressure setting- Default **remember to test cut if appropriate.

8. When your design is cut and weeded, you just need to cut a piece off a piece of transfer tape to fit your project and smooth it down on top of the design. Once smoothed down, please turn it over and rub the back of the vinyl so it adheres to the transfer tape from behind the vinyl, using a squeegee. If it has not transferred fully to the tape keep rubbing with more force with the transfer tape on the table and the back of the vinyl paper facing you so you push it onto the transfer tape,( not back onto the backing paper). You can then peel the transfer tape up, bringing the decal with it and off of the backing. Your decal has now moved to the transfer paper and is ready to be carried to your project surface. Apply the vinyl sentiment to the front of your MUM layer.

9, Once you have everything bring them together, turn the top and middle layers over and apply either 3D foam pads or double sided application tape to the reverse side, ready to layer, using your squeegee to burnish, fold the card base in half.

10. Don’t forget your finished design can be matched by using the front layer for any material cut using a cutting file, card, self adhesive vinyl or even HTV. We’d love to see your makes on our social media pages! Or email them in!


Silhouette Cut File



Before you start, you need to download the cut file,  Upload the cut file into Silhouette Studio and resize as necessary,  (when resizing bring all  layers into the design software and select all  at once to get the correct offset layers and save the adjusted file, so you can cut layers individually at that correct scale you have chosen) Remember to test cut if necessary and cut settings are found here along with test cut guidelines for every machine.

Brother Cut File

***Download eclipse brother files***

To import these files into the Brother Canvas Workspace:

After downloading, please log in as usual to your design space account, open a new project mat, then left click on the SVG  icon in the top left bar in canvas, this will then allow you to import your files. Once you left click this icon, a pop up box appears with you to choose where to import file  from, choose to import the file from your downloads list or where you have chosen to save when unzipped.

Cut settings are found here

Just incase you need the link CanvasWorkspace (