Finding the correct vinyl for your project can be difficult; each material has different properties, as does each vinyl. There are no written rules when it comes to which vinyl should go on which material, but this guide should help you to understand what your best options are.

Turbo Press

Our Turbo Press vinyl can be used on untreated nylon and polyester garments. Polyester is a highly flammable, man-made material, which has many of the same qualities as plastic. Therefore, it is very durable and resilient to many chemicals but is not resilient to heat. When too much heat is applied to polyester, the fibres could melt causing the garments to shrink or deform. As Turbo Press only requires a press time of up to 5 seconds, it won’t damage polyester garments.

GM Eco Press/ Eco Press Vented/ GM Glitter/ GM Glitter Vented

Both Eco Press and Glitter range are made of polyurethane – an organic polymer that does not melt when heated – meaning it can handle a longer press time. The recommended press time is up to 15 seconds so should be used on materials that can take heat, such as cotton or cotton/polyester mix.

Pastel Matt HTV/ Pastel Glitter HTV/ Decra HTV

We recommend this vinyl have a press time of around 15 seconds during application so it can be used on any textile that can withstand the heat for that amount of time (cotton, acrylic, cotton/polyester mix and polyester/acrylic mix).

GM Stretch/ GM Metallic Stretch

This selection of vinyl is very flexible. This means they are perfect for garments like socks and gym wear. The press time is up to 15 seconds so GM Stretch and Metallic Stretch need to be used on materials that can handle heat. Of course, a flexible material would also work well with the vinyl such as acrylic or untreated nylon.

Premium/ Holographic/ Flock

These three vinyl products require a press time of 15 seconds so shouldn’t be used on heat-sensitive textiles like polyester on its own. They can be used on cotton, acrylic and untreated nylons as well as cotton/ polyester blends and polyester/ acrylic blends.

GM Bubble Up/ GM Chameleon/ GM Chrome/ GM Light Activ/ GM Reflective and Luminous/ GM Heat Activ/ GM Brushed

The majority of our vinyl takes a press time of around 8-12 seconds and will work on cotton/polyester mixes and polyester/acrylic mixes.

Though we have provided this information and the application guides (found on our website) for your benefit, we strongly recommend that you press a single garment/ substrate and wash it (where applicable) to ensure that this process has been done correctly, before printing in bulk.