Joy Cutting Machine
If you do not know how to create a new custom material in Cricut Design space, please refer
to the blog on our website
Cut settings for GM Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl
ProductWith MatSettingPressure
ChameleonEveryday Iron OnDefault
Reflective / IlluminousEveryday Iron OnDefault
FlockEveryday Iron OnMore
PremiumEveryday Iron OnDefault
GM StretchEveryday Iron OnDefault
Stretch MetallicEveryday Iron OnDefault
GlitterCreate new material setting 200 depthDefault
HolographicHolographic Sparkle Iron OnDefault
Light ActivEveryday Iron OnDefault
Heat ActivEveryday Iron OnDefault
Bubble UpEveryday Iron OnDefault
BrushedCreate new material setting 200 depthMore
ChromeEveryday Iron OnDefault
Eco PressEveryday Iron OnDefault
Eco Press Glitter VentedCreate new material setting 200 depthDefault
Decra Patterned/Pastel/TonalEveryday Iron OnDefault
Decra Glittered  Patterned/Pastel/TonalCreate new material setting 200 depthMore
GM TurboEveryday Iron OnDefault
FashionEveryday Iron OnDefault


Self Adhesive
ProductWith MatSettingPressure
PrimeVinyl – Premium VinylDefault
GlossVinyl – Premium VinylLess
MattVinyl – Premium VinylLess
GemstoneVinyl – Premium VinylLess
MetallicVinyl – Premium VinylDefault
HolographicVinyl – Premium VinylDefault
Pastel/TonalVinyl – Premium VinylLess
PatternedVinyl – Premium VinylLess
PaintmaskVinyl – Premium VinylLess
BlackboardVinyl – Premium VinylMore
EtchedVinyl – Window ClingDefault
Stained GlassVinyl – Premium VinylLess
ReflectiveVinyl – Premium VinylDefault
Neon FluorescentVinyl – Premium VinylDefault