Layering vinyl title

Cropping Glitter

Prevent overlap ridges and ideal for Glitter ‘layering effect'

To prevent ridges appearing on vinyls where they overlap, it is best to try and crop your designs using your machines design software, to remove the piece that is going underneath the above layer. It is not possible to layer Glitter vinyl onto Glitter Vinyl, so this helps resolve where you may wish to use several colours of Glitter Vinyl

Use ‘Crop Function'

In Silhouette Design Studio there is a ‘Crop Function‘ that I will use in this tutorial. File used in this example is from the Silhouette Store and been chosen so you can purchase the same file if you want to use it to follow along with this tutorial.

‘Copy and paste' all the pieces in the design. Select both the body of the snowman and the top hat at the same time and then select ‘Subtract' from the ‘Modify' window.

This will leave the body with a piece sliced across the head where the hat meets the body. Next place the scarf over the body and Select both and once again select ‘Subtract'.

Place eyes and mouth in place, position the nose, then Select just the nose and the head at the same time and select ‘divide' from the modify panel. Then click on the small unwanted pieces to remove them. Select all and make ‘Compound Path'. You will now have the gaps/holes to pop extra colours into the design but keeping it a flat at the same time.

Another way to achieve sectional pieces and a flat look is when using commercially available clipart is to ‘Trace by colour' in the Silhouette Studios V4 software.

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