From pre-lockdown to post-pandemic, 2020 has definitely been a strange year. But the trend-setters of the crafts world have made no exceptions. Within all the madness it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends but don’t worry, we’re on top of it!

Described as “thought-provoking” and “suggestive of the sky at dusk”, Classic Blue is PANTONE’s colour of the year. PANTONE stated that it “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era”. The idea of strength and modernity allows us to look forward to a better (hopefully!) end to 2020. Other trending colours this year are Naval Blue, Chinese Porcelain, Back to Nature, Enchanted Green (Kona’s colour of the year) and Chartreuse – which, as told by Martha Stewart, “evokes feelings of growth and harmony”. Often, these trending colours are paired with neutral and tonal pinks and oranges. You’ll notice already that there’s a general theme of natural and neutral colours.

In terms of pattern, we seem to have been widely influenced by the early 20th century artist Matisse’s style. Though I’m not sure Matisse himself would be thrilled with the comparison, Plaid Crafts on Pinterest has named the pattern ‘scribbles’ and Apartment Therapy have similarly given it the name ‘Freely Scribbled’, both calling it the trendiest pattern of 2020. Apartment Therapy have described the pattern as a celebration of organic shapes and talked about how the shapes are fun, but also classic. Being one of the leaders of the ‘fauves’, a group of artists known for their realistic and representational values in art that largely comes under impressionism, Matisse has opened the door to interpretation and expression through his style. Perhaps we will use some of his rediscovered art in our new products!

Unsurprisingly, the stunning art of stained glass is top of the list of trendiest crafts 2020. Modest and transformative, bringing colour and life into our homes, stained glass is popular on most crafting platforms. Though some of us may have missed the memo, organisation crafts are trending this year too, with sales of calendars and diaries increasing across various craft suppliers. Colour blocking, a statement fashionable in VOGUE since the 60s, is also used now, especially with this year’s trending colours. Etsy says “this look is all about pairing unconventional colourways and adding instant personality”. Space and astrology have recently started to trend, as well as animals like Poodles, Scottie dogs and, of course the long-standing popular Caticorn (cat + unicorn).

There has been a speedy uptake in the desire for products which will aid our mindfulness and well-being this year. Pinterest reports an impressive 444% increase in searches for art therapy activities over the last year. Not only are crafts helping us to look after ourselves, crafts are also helping us to look after our planet. As a nation, we have been buying more sustainable craft products; Etsy have seen a 60% increase in searches for Eco-friendly items in the last year, with buyers increasingly searching for biodegradable and reusable items. As Crafts Beautiful said, sustainability is not a trend, it’s a need.

It’s important for us to do our research on the latest trends so that we know what our customers will want. We’re currently working on some exciting new designs ready for Halloween and Christmas. Keep an eye out for our new product offering “mumbles” too – a range of soft toys, some of which are Christmas themed – we think you’ll love them!