Our suggested ‘Best practice’ guide to using the Cricut Easypress from GM Crafts


  1. Use with the Cricut Easypress Mat (available on our website https://www.gmcrafts.co.uk/product-category/cricut-store/cricut-easypress/) or on a firm foam pad. This will ensure you have a nice flat and even surface to press onto. Use a mat that is larger than the heat plate of your EasyPress. You can use the largest mat with any EasyPress size, but you shouldn’t use the small  EasyPress Mat with the medium or large  EasyPress. Doing so may prevent the application of even heat that is needed for successful transfers.
  2. Use around waist height, on a firm surface like a table, floor, worktop etc. An ironing board is not recommended, as these have an uneven surface and are not solid or sturdy enough to allow for gentle pressure.
  3. Before using EasyPress, ensure that fabrics and other base materials are completely dry. Pre press for 5-10 seconds to remove any moisture.
  4. EasyPress temperature settings for use with the Cricut EasyPress Mat are different than settings for use with other pressing surfaces. Use Cricut’s Interactive Quick Reference Guide on their website for more information.

To get even pressure

  1. Ensure no seams, poppers or zips will come into contact with the baseplate of the Easypress. This will prevent good pressure being achieved and may result in your vinyl not adhering correctly or coming off in the wash. Either position the seams etc over the edge of the Easypress mat or pad the item out use pressing pillows.  If you do not have these use firm foam or a folded piece of sheeting, an even pile facecloth, towel or tea towel etc (with the seams cut off) to create padding to go directly under the area where the decal is being applied. This will give you the flat surface area you need under the vinyl decal.
  2. Do not use it like an iron. Keep the Easypress in one place, pressing for the recommended time for the vinyl type you are pressing. If you are covering an area larger than the baseplate, visually divide the image into smaller sections that the EasyPress can cover (it is okay if the EasyPress slightly overlaps a bit on previously ironed-on sections). Cover with the EasyPress, press the Go button, and apply recommended pressure until the timer beeps. Then move the EasyPress to a new section and repeat until the heat has been applied to the entire design. When aligning adjacent sections of a large design, allow some of the liner to extend overexposed sections to avoid getting an imprint of the liner in the iron-on film that is being applied.  When you have peeled the liner off a section, use that liner to protect other sections as you continue to apply your design.

Top tips

  1. If the iron-on is moved as it heats, the softened adhesive may cause the iron-on film to slip, leaving an outline of adhesive residue.
  2. If you use a Teflon sheet to protect your base material, you may need to increase the time and/or temperature, due to the reflective heat properties of the Teflon sheet.

How to get the correct pressure

Firm Pressure means

From a standing position, grasp Cricut EasyPress handle with two hands spread as far apart as the handle allows and press down firmly.

Medium Pressure  means

Grasp Cricut EasyPress handle with one hand in the centre of the handle and press down.

Important: For Cricut EasyPress 2, 12″ x 10″ (30 cm x 25 cm) users, lightly hold your Cricut EasyPress handle with two hands. Spread hands as far apart as the handle allows and press down slightly. This helps balance the larger heat plate.

Light Pressure menas

Rest one palm in the centre of Cricut EasyPress handle and press down.

Important: For Cricut EasyPress 2, 12″ x 10″ (30 cm x 25 cm) users, lightly rest both palms on your Cricut EasyPress handle. Spread hands as far apart as the handle allows during transfer. This helps balance the larger heat plate.